Chengli Technology has won recognition from the Korean market

The International Trade Department of Chengli Company took the lead in obtaining orders from South Korea and exported 80 sets of vision measuring machines to the South Korean market in batches.
Chengli Technology is positioned at high-end, stable design, rigorous materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and professional service.
The measurement accuracy of FA series automatic vision measuring machine can reach 1.5+L/200um. Widely used in auto parts, medical industry, PCB manufacturing, 3C consumer electronics manufacturing, new energy vehicles and other industries. It can accurately measure the point, line, circle, arc, length, width and high linear dimensions of products, as well as straightness, straightness, contour, parallelism, edge angle, perpendicularity, symmetry, concentricity, position, etc. geometric dimensions.
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Post time: May-19-2022