Bridge Type VMS

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  • BA-series Vision Measuring Systems

    BA-series Vision Measuring Systems

    BA series 2.5D video measuring machine adopts bridge structure, which has stable operation performance and stable mechanism without deformation.
    Its X, Y, and Z axes all use HCFA servo motors, which can ensure the stability and accurate positioning of the motors during high-speed movement.
    The Z axis can be equipped with laser and probe sets to achieve 2.5D size measurement.

  • Bridge type automatic 2.5D Vision Measuring Machine

    Bridge type automatic 2.5D Vision Measuring Machine

    Image software: it can measure points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, distances, ellipses, rectangles, continuous curves, tilt corrections, plane corrections, and origin setting. The measurement results display the tolerance value, roundness, straightness, position and perpendicularity. The degree of parallelism can be directly exported and imported into Dxf, Word, Excel, and Spc files for editing which is suitable for batch testing for customer report programming. At the same time, part of and the entire product can be photographed and scanned, and the size and image of the entire product can be recorded and archived, then the dimensional error marked on the picture is clear at a glance.
    Image card: SDK2000 chip image transmission system, with clear image and stable transmission.