How to better maintain the coordinate measuring machine

The following are the things that should be paid attention to before and after the maintenance of coordinate measuring machine:

  A, the product for the environment requirements are very high, so we must carry out strict temperature control, the surrounding moderate situation for detailed measurement.
B, the internal bearing selection requirements of the coordinate must be further improved, mainly because the characteristics of its work makes the chance of wear and tear is greater, in order to ensure normal use must be carried out regular inspection work.
  C, because of its high requirements for processing accuracy, so the internal cleaning work is also we have to pay attention to the content.
  D, in order to better maintain the effect of the coordinate, we need to add lubricant products regularly to ensure its normal use.

After turning on the machine:
The correct use of coordinate measuring machine plays a key role in its use of precision, life, should pay attention to the following points.
(1) Before lifting the workpiece, the probe should be returned to the origin of the coordinates, leaving a larger space for the lifting position; the workpiece should be lifted smoothly and should not hit any component of the coordinate measuring machine.
(2) Correctly install the parts and ensure that the isothermal requirements of the parts and the measuring machine are met before installation.
(3) establish the correct coordinate system, to ensure that the built coordinate system in line with the requirements of the drawings, in order to ensure the accuracy of the measured data.
(4) when the program automatically run, to prevent the probe and workpiece interference, so need to pay attention to increase the inflection point.
(5) For some large and heavy mold inspection tool, in order to avoid the table in a long time in the state of bearing, the measurement should be lifted off the table in time after the end.

Post time: Nov-11-2022