PPG battery thickness gauge-an indispensable equipment in the new energy battery industry

In recent years, a word called PPG is often heard in the new energy battery industry. So what exactly is this PPG? “Chengli Instrument” takes everyone to have a brief understanding.

PPG is the abbreviation of “Panel Pressure Gap (panel pressure gap)”.

PPG battery thickness gauge has two modes of movement, manual and semi-automatic. It simulates consumer batteries, automotive power batteries and other products, and measures the thickness of batteries when they are stressed or squeezed.

It is usually divided into two types:

1. PPG with small pressure, mainly used in consumer batteries, mobile phone batteries, soft pack batteries, etc.;

2. PPG with high pressure, mainly used in the thickness of automotive power batteries, aluminum shell batteries and other products Measurement.

Small pressure PPG usually uses weights to apply pressure, and its test pressure is usually between 200g-2000g;

High-pressure PPG is usually pressurized by motor and reducer. According to the requirements of various enterprises, the test pressure is 50kg-1000kg.

If you have any questions about PPG, Chengli Instruments will be happy to answer for you!


Post time: Aug-16-2023