The application of vision measuring machine in metal gear processing.

First of all, let’s take a look at metal gears, which mainly refer to a component with teeth on the rim that can continuously transmit motion, and also belong to a kind of mechanical parts, which appeared a long time ago.
For this gear, there are also many structures, such as gear teeth, tooth slots, end faces and normal faces, etc. For these small structures, they need to conform to the structure of the entire gear, so that these small structures can be passed through. The components are combined into a completed gear, which can be better used in various machining. Maybe in our daily life, everyone is very familiar with this kind of gear, and it can also be seen in many of our daily tools.
After talking about the definition of metal gear, let’s take a look at its processing method. As a very common mechanical part, its processing technology also has many kinds, such as: gear hobbing machine gear hobbing, slotting machine gear shaping and precision casting gear, etc. . During the machining of these parts, the dimensions of the individual components need to be measured so that metal gears that meet the requirements can be produced. For the measurement of the entire process, we cannot do it by ourselves. Then we need to use some more precise measuring instruments. At this time, the appearance of the vision measuring machine solves this problem very well.
The appearance of the vision measuring machine has brought great progress to the processing of metal gears. It can accurately measure and identify various points, surfaces and other dimensions required for gear processing, which brings great benefits to the work. The improvement also increases the refined mass production of gears, so the processing of metal gears is also inseparable from vision measuring machines.

Post time: Jul-14-2022