The application of vision measuring machine in the automotive industry

The vision measuring machines have been widely used in the field of precision manufacturing. They can measure and control the quality of precision parts in machining, and can also perform data and image processing on products, which greatly improves the quality of products. vision measuring machines are not limited to mobile phone accessories, home appliances, clocks and other industries, but also play a certain role in quality inspection in the automotive industry. It is targeted detection, such as detection of springs, housings, valves, etc. At present, vision measuring machines can not only observe the contours of auto parts, but also detect opaque surfaces, such as the measurement of car pistons. When measuring these workpieces, they can be placed at will, and it can still complete photos, reports, CAD reverse engineering, etc. In the automotive industry, batch testing is essential. For example, when we detect the two-dimensional size of automobile brake pads, we can use the automatic CNC inspection function of the vision measuring machine. It has high measurement efficiency, convenient operation and strong practicability.
probe measurement
At present, many car manufacturers have purchased CMM, but in the process of inspection, there are still some dimensions that cannot be detected. The vision measuring machine can just fill the insufficiency of the CMM, it can quickly and accurately measure the size of the small parts of the car.
With the continuous improvement of software and hardware technology of vision measuring machine manufacturers, there are also special requirements for different auto parts products. The development of fully automatic vision measuring machines also covers the inspection of auto parts, and it is committed to reaching the leading level in all aspects. According to the current development status of the industry, vision measuring machines will play an increasingly important role in the future automotive industry.

Post time: Jul-26-2022