How to reasonably compare the prices of vision measuring machines?

The vision measuring machine market is highly competitive, and many users compare multiple suppliers when selecting equipment. Instrument manufacturers will provide different product recommendations for different user needs. How to compare the prices of vision measuring machines to determine which brand is the best choice, Chengli Technology is here for you.

1.  View the measuring stroke
The measuring stroke refers to the maximum range that can be detected for each axis. Different measuring strokes will directly affect the price of the vision measuring machine. When choosing a vision measuring machine, we must understand the size of the workpiece that needs to be measured. The measuring stroke must be sized for the machine stroke according to the size of the product to be measured by the factory. If the measuring stroke of the measuring instrument is too small, the workpiece cannot be measured. If it’s too big, it’s a waste.

2. Reference measurement accuracy
The precision standard of the visual measuring machine needs to be selected according to the customer’s requirements (the factory standard and assembly standard of each instrument manufacturer, and even the precision of the instrument will be different.), if the precision of the customer’s product is not very high, you can choose the general of precision instruments. If the accuracy of the test product is very high, it is necessary to purchase a high-precision measuring instrument.

3 Control method of reference device
In addition to manually controlled devices, there are also motor-controlled automatic vision measuring machines on the market. The price difference between the two is huge. If customers measure large quantities of products, it is best to choose a fully automatic vision measuring machine to ensure measurement efficiency, and choose self-developed software for better compatibility and upgrade speed.

4  Option of instrument lens
The lenses of manual and automatic machines are usually equipped with manual continuous zoom lenses or fully automatic zoom lenses, and the price difference between imported and domestic lenses is very large.

5 Warranty period
The cost-effectiveness of vision measuring machines must consider after-sales service. Low-cost instruments have poor accuracy, poor stability, short service life, and cannot be guaranteed after sale. Imported measuring instruments have stable performance and long service life, but they are troublesome to upgrade and have high maintenance costs. Therefore, customers must find a regular manufacturer and guarantee the instrument after sale. Considering the price of after-sales service, domestic brands have an advantage. Dongguan Chengli provides free lifetime upgrade of visual measuring machine software, and professionally provides you with customized measurement services.
In addition to the above points, the control system, machine structure and material, computer system, etc. will affect the price of the visual measuring machine. Users should analyze and compare according to the measurement needs in order to choose a high-quality and low-cost visual measuring machine.

Post time: May-10-2022