The role of video measuring machines in the medical industry.

The products in the medical field have strict requirements on quality, and the degree of quality control in the production process will directly affect the medical effect. As medical equipment becomes more and more sophisticated, video measuring machines have become indispensable What role does it play in the medical industry?

Different from ordinary products, medical supplies and medical equipment have a direct impact on human health, so the quality must be strictly controlled. Moreover, many tools in the medical equipment industry are very small in size, soft and transparent in material and complex in shape. For example: minimally invasive interventional vascular stents and catheter products, which are soft in texture and thin and transparent; bone nail products are too small in shape; the occlusal part of dentures is not only small but also complex in shape; the finished product of artificial bone joint requires surface roughness Strict and so on, they all have high-precision measurement requirements.
If we use traditional contact measurement equipment, it will be difficult to achieve accurate measurement of these products, so the video measurement machine that uses optical images for non-contact measurement has become an important measurement equipment in the medical industry. Chengli’s video measuring machine realizes high-precision detection of workpiece size, angle, position and other geometric tolerances through optical image measurement technology. Because the optical technology is used, the measurement can be performed without touching the workpiece during the measurement. It has unique advantages for small, thin, soft and other easily deformable workpieces that are not suitable for testing with contact measuring instruments.
The video measuring machine can effectively solve the detection of small, thin, soft and other workpieces in the medical device industry, and can achieve efficient measurement of the contour, surface shape, size, and angular position of various complex workpieces, and the measurement accuracy is also very high. The quality of medical devices has been qualitatively improved. It is also a measuring instrument that can perform mass inspection for different types of workpieces, and better improve the measurement efficiency.

Post time: Aug-01-2022