All-In-One HD Measurement Video Microscope

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The HD Measurement Video Microscope uses an all-in-one design. One power cord of the whole machine can complete the power supply to the camera, the monitor and the lighting source. The resolution is 1920*1080. It comes with dual USB ports, which can be connected to the mouse and U disk (storage photos). It uses an objective lens encoding device, which can observe the magnification of the image in real time on the display, and can directly measure the size of the observed object without selecting a calibration value. Its imaging effect is clear and the measurement data is accurate.

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CCD Mirror tube 0.45x
Object Lens 0.6-5.0x
Magnification Rate 9.6-80.2x (standard 11.6-inch display)
Double-to-multiplication ratio 1:8.3
Working Distance 90mm
CCD Image Sensor 1/2
Resolution 1920*1080
Frame Rate 60fps
Image Output HDMI

Fixed Frame

Base Size 320*260*20mm
Stand Height 330mm
Lighting system Falling Ring Light Source
Software function Brightness adjustment, saturation adjustment, RGB adjustment, WB one-key white balance, one-key automatic exposure, HDR wide dynamic, SE image optimization, image freezing, photographing,, measurement, graph comparison, crosshairs, XY axis custom wiring harness , Picture echo, automatic edge finding, left and right mirror image, color, black and white conversion, LED light source software control
Monitor 11.6 inches
Power DC12V/2A



Object lens 0.5x、0.6x、0.75x、1.5x、2x
APO lens 5x、10x、20x、50x
Monitor 21.5 inches


LED transmitted illuminationCoaxial lighting

Transflective lighting

Mobile Platform

XY axis movement, table top: 230*180mmStroke: 170*120mm
Coarse and fine adjustment bracket Floor size:328*298mmColumn height:318mm

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