EA-Series Fully Automatic 2.5D Fully-Automatic Vision Measuring Machine

Short Description:

EA series is an economical automatic vision measuring machine independently developed and produced by Chengli Technology. It can be equipped with probes or lasers to achieve 2.5d precision measurement, repeatability accuracy of 0.003mm, and measurement accuracy of (3+L/200)μm. It is mainly used in the measurement of PCB circuit boards, flat glass, liquid crystal modules, knife molds, mobile phone accessories, glass cover plates, metal molds and other products.

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Parameters & Features





X/Y/Z measurement stroke




Z axis stroke

Effective space: 200mm, working distance: 90mm

XYZ axis base

X/Y mobile platformGrade 00 cyan marble; Z axis column: square steel

Machine base

Grade 00 cyan marble

Size of glass countertop




Size of marble countertop




Bearing capacity of glass countertop


Transmission type

High precision linear guides and ground ball screw

Optical scale

X/Y axis: High precision optical scale resolution: 0.001mm

X/Y linear measurement accuracy (μm)


Repetition accuracy (μm)



1/3″ HD color industrial camera


Auto zoom lens

optical magnification: 0.7X-4.5X

image magnification: 30X-300X

Image system

Image software: it can measure points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, distances, ellipses, rectangles, continuous curves, tilt corrections, plane corrections, and origin setting. The measurement results display the tolerance value, roundness, straightness, position and perpendicularity. The degree of parallelism can be directly exported and imported into Dxf, Word, Excel, and Spc files for editing which is suitable for batch testing for customer report programming. At the same time, part of and the entire product can be photographed and scanned, and the size and image of the entire product can be recorded and archived, then the dimensional error marked on the picture is clear at a glance.

Image card: intel gigabit network video capture card

Illumination system

Continuously adjustable LED light (Surface illumination +contour illumination), with lower heating value and long service life

Overall dimension(L*W*H)








Power supply

AC220V/50HZ AC110V/60HZ


intel i5+8g+512g


Philips 24 inches


1 year warranty for the whole machine

Switching power supply

Mingwei MW 12V/24V


Product Description

The automatic vision measuring machine is suitable for large-scale two-dimensional dimension measurement of precision electronics, hardware, semiconductors, plastics, precision molds and other products. In the case of product positioning, we only need to edit one program for the same product to achieve fully automatic batch inspection. Its higher precision and measurement efficiency are ten times that of manual vision measuring machines, thus saving labor costs and time costs, and the fully automatic measurement method avoids human operation errors and realizes truly intelligent manufacturing.

automatic vision measuring systems
CNC vision measuring machine

Environment of Instrument

1. Temperature and humidity

Temperature: 2025℃, optimal temperature: 22℃; relative humidity: 50%-60, optimal relative humidity: 55; Maximum temperature change rate in the machine room: 10℃/h; It is recommended to use a humidifier in dry area, and use a dehumidifier in humid area.

2. Heat calculation in the workshop

Keep the machine system in the workshop operating in the optimum temperature and humidity, and the total indoor heat dissipation must be calculated, including the total heat dissipation of indoor equipment and instruments (lights and general lighting can be ignored).
1. Heat dissipation of human body: 600BTY/h/person.
2. Heat dissipation of workshop: 5/m2.
3. Instrument placement space (L*W*H): 3M ╳ 2M ╳ 2.5M.

3. Dust content of air

The machine room shall be kept clean, and the impurities greater than 0.5MLXPOV in the air shall not exceed 45000 per cubic foot. If there is too much dust in the air, it is easy to cause resource read and write errors and damage to the disk or read-write heads in the disk drive.

4. Vibration degree of machine room

The vibration degree of machine room shall not exceed 0.5T. Machines that vibrate in the machine room shall not be placed together, because the vibration will loosen the mechanical parts, joints and contact parts of the host panel, resulting in abnormal operation of the machine.

Power Supply




What are your prices?

Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity.

Can you supply the relevant documentation?

Yes, we provide most of the documents, including the technical parameters of the equipment, theinstruction manual of the software and the instructional video, etc.


In the process of enterprise development, Chengli products are deeply favored by domestic and foreign customers, and have successively reached cooperation with domestic first-tier enterprises such as BYD, EVE, Sunwoda, LeadChina, TCL, etc., as well as foreign first-tier enterprises such as LG and Samsung.

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